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Blind lighting designer

A blind design warm light, Save a lot of patients with depression. As a blind designer, even blind, he still use the other senses of the body to feel the light, design light, stuck to their creation, and bring the warmth to Finnish melancholic.  


China automatic parking robot technology

Technological innovation. China automatic parking robot! Positioning accuracy error less than 5mm, speeds of up to 1.5 m / s, with an average load of 2.5 tons.   Mass entrepreneurship and innovation! Now is the best period of development of Chinese entrepreneurship and innovation. Many new products and technologies will be invented. Haifeng International Limited also working to increase investment in innovation. Hifint will

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What experience of working in Uber office

Unlike large companies is relatively serious, startups office often gives the impression of relaxed fashion, it seems that employees can enjoy every day a lot of “special treatment”, I believe a cool office be regarded as one. On a dedicated to showcasing science and technology start-up company office design website called Officelovin, search by specific office name, search volume ranked

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Super Lightning visit Australia

Have you see the film of “The Day After Tomorrow”? Movie “The Day After Tomorrow” the United States is portrayed as the representative of the Earth, one day suddenly drops off sharply into the ice age of science fiction, global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, triggering an unprecedented global catastrophe. However, you know? “Acquired” such extreme weather has appeared

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Paris Climate Change Conference

What Xi Jinping said in Climate Conference in Paris? Today, the 21th UN Conference on Climate Changes held in Paris, France. Chairman Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, expounded China’s views and propositions on the global climate governance. Xi Jinping said: Chinese CO2 emissions peak around 2030, and strive to achieve as soon as possible; then the

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