How to use lights each room in the house

Whether urban or rural, a myriad twinkling lights is the most emotional night. Lighting is not the gorgeous on the stage, nor the night skyscrapers gorgeous coat. It is the light and warmth closely related of our life.

How to make our home more warmth and love? Fabric, wallpaper, furniture can be, but to change a room, one of the most inexpensive and effective method is to use a good light.

The activity at home is the basis of light, so the most important thing is to develop according to each room to the indoor environment and the overall ambient lighting plan, proper layering of light can also enhance the interior color and atmosphere.


Living Room

Hidden ambient light + movable fixtures = Smart Space

Many people like to install a chandelier in living room, but if your living room is not big, the chandelier can give up, you can choose a large number of “mobile” lighting to illuminate the entire space, such as table lamps, floor lamps with a good LED light bulbs … … such a lighting design with greater freedom, in addition to fixed but hidden lights, other lighting almost free to move. In this case, even if there is no chandelier, indoor lighting is not a problem, as below.

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Pic: Floor lamp behind the fabric sofa to illuminate a dark corner, appear more spacious.

Just when choosing this type of lighting design, you need to explicitly cast lighting effects to achieve the desired improvement in the atmosphere of the room.

In the small living room, you can choose a simple floor lamp as the lighting of the entire region, others have to rely on a large area of specular radiation to increase the illumination, the mirror is the most unique weapon in the living room (and the mirror you can make the space seem larger, which is commonly used in indoor skills).


Dining Room

Good use of modeling chandeliers, the dining room atmosphere will win points.

Flexibility is a key feature of the restaurant space, you can use a hanging chandelier under the pressure of space to increase dining room taste, or choose to use candles to render space.

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An attractive decorative chandelier can become the focus of space. Showing a different style home, create your own dinner atmosphere.

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Pic: Two same metal chandeliers separated on both sides of the table, this table for large families very suitable. In line with the overall interior style, choice of lighting is also after partial modern, industrial feel design of the dining room.


There are strong or weak, have contrasting levels

General ambient lighting make dining area environment has a certain lightness, approach is to set some lamps embedded in the ceiling four sides such as LED downlights, scattered light can outline the broad contours of the dining area, so that more natural light indoors.

Local lighting can be placed at the top of chandeliers, lamps general location just above the dining table, use the direct downward illumination lamp such as LED light bulbs to ensure adequate light for the meals, and increase appetite.

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Pic: Setting a chandelier at the top of the table, to ensure adequate light for the meal, and around the small LED recessed spotlights to highlight the spatial profile, but significantly lower than the table illuminance, form a rich level.



Be sure to pay attention to working light

Kitchen is a place where the use of higher frequencies in the family, there will be more than dining room.

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You need to focus on work in a fixed place, while walking back and forth, require the light dispersion in the space will need to cover a larger area. Therefore, space basic lighting and work areas accent lighting must be balanced.

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Pic: Considering there a lot of operations are performed under the cupboard, so has done a proper LED spotlights do the auxiliary light source in the bottom of the cupboard. White wall with relatively high reflectivity, help make the kitchen more bright and transparent.


Open kitchen, should also focus on two key points: the place where to move around will require the less ambient light + working place requires intensive local brighter light.

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Hifint LED Lights



Light must be adequate

Bathroom, the area is divided in to washing area illumination area and bathing area illumination.

Reference to the principle of the kitchen, there is space operations must be well-lit. Washing area has the functional requirements of dressing, so it has a higher requirement of the light source CRI, generally use a good CRI light source. The key is its lighting fixture arrangement can fully illuminate this area.

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Bathtub, shower room also needs plenty of light.

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Note: although the illumination is less demanding, but the light source need waterproof, difficult to water structures.



Soft light better

Although almost everyone’s home, bedroom lighting the emphasis on the bedside table, but bedroom lighting actually can be more, such as dresser lighting or ceiling lighting, these lamps should be placed in the bedroom to create a better atmosphere.

Overall lighting in the bedroom can be installed a chandelier or ceiling light on top of the ceiling, in order to meet the need for the bedroom cleaning. Local lighting is generally disposed in the vicinity of the bed can placed wall lights or floor lamps, in order to meet the needs of bedtime reading or urinate.

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Everything just remember a point: the bedroom usually the best light is warm and cozy (lower color temperature, also known as the warm white light), which is more relaxing and pleasant.

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Pic: Except the chandelier (base lighting), bedside lamp is a must, a comfortable bedside lamp to facilitate your bedside reading.

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Pic: Bedroom lighting design should pay special attention to excessive variation between light and dark. Insufficient lighting, giving a dark feel, terror and cool feeling; the light is too strong, direct eye will make the people glare.


Soft lighting helps to create drowsiness

Bedroom lighting should be quiet, gentle atmosphere, people have a sense of security.



For the reading and writing

We have the experience, when watching TV we need turn on backlight, so the study which must pay attention to the ambient light, because the light projected from the computer screen most likely to make eye fatigue.

Sothe ambient light is necessary.

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Also, according to you needs and preferences you could install the LED spotlights, LED ceiling downlight, LED track lighting to the bookcases, display cabinets or decorative painting, play a finishing touch at the same time can provide ambient light.


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