About Color Rendering, you have been misled before?

In lighting people of color is certainly no stranger to this parameter, but you really know about it? Today we’ll chat about color rendering. Before chat about color rendering, let’s talk about a few everyone will encounter scenes of life.


The following two kebabs, which disk you want to eat more?

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When trying on skirts in shop obviously like the left one, after back home only to find the skirt like the right one. Angry throw! Bad review!

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In the supermarket see the fruit like left of mouth-watering, but at the roadside stalls to see the fruit may not like this.

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Everybody should be able to observe, under different light sources, the same plate kebab, a same skirt, the same fruit, whose colors are quite different! This problem relates to its color rendering of the light source!


What is the color rendering of the light source?

Color rendering: Effect of an illuminant on the color appearance of objects by conscious or subconscious comparison with their color appearance under a reference illuminant, usually called “color rendering index” (Ra).


International Commission on Illumination (CIE) will sunlight color index is set to 100, and provides 15 test colors, with R1-R15 respectively represent the 15 color rendering index. When the light source with a predetermined reference light source by comparing the index value of 100 is the best.

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What is R1-R15

So many colors! What is the significance? Actually, each light source has a relatively sensitive to color, such as some kind of light source is more sensitive with red, then in its light, red objects displayed by the color will be more authentic, but other colored objects under its irradiation maybe will not be able to achieve a very real effect of color reproduction.

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Professional speaking, light color rendering evaluate its the merits is main consideration its R1-R8 8 types of natural color, R9-R15 7 kinds of test colors, total 15 colors reduction level. And normal the Ra we are talking is the average of the light source for R1-R8 8 types of natural color reduction level, R9-R15 is not counted.


We usually see lighting manufacturers labeling the light CRI Ra> 90 (R9> 50) and similar labeling method, Ra> 90 to show that the fixture color for R1-R8 8 types of natural color with a high color reduction capability, R9> 50 indicates that the lighting has a good color reproduction capability for the red object.

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How to choose a light for the object color

Select the appropriate CRI lighting, mainly based on the color of the illuminated object to decide.

As the beginning of the three comparison chart, kebab on the left using a high CRI R9 light, so it looks more shiny delicious; Left red dress also uses a high CRI R9 of light, so it looks more vivid and bright colors; The left side of the supermarket fruit since the light source used in the good CRI Ra, so it looks more appetizing.


For the supermarkets and shops meat window lighting, R9 CRI is particularly important; For the place of studio that require a true representation of the skin color, the R15 lighting index must not be lower; Museums, art galleries and other places are required for all colors can restore the highly true, the Ra and R1-R15 Index request more stringent.

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