Hifint Hot LED Light Bulbs

Hifint has developed and sold its LED lighting offerings with over 100 products.

Each product is safe for use in enclosed fixtures, a feature that allows for a diverse array of uses and ensures a long, efficient lifespan.

The residential and commercial LED lamps: general household LED light bulbs, LED candles, LED ceiling downlights, LED spotlights commercial LED downlights, LED track lighting, LED panel light, LED tube lights, LED flood lights and LED High bay of several shapes and sizes.

There are a variety of wattages and color temperatures could be choose in Hifint’s lights

This time I would like to introduce one of Hifint’s hot products LED light bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs LED Bulbs

03 series light bulbs housing is made of environmentally friendly aluminum and high-end PMMA with surface color white.

The features of 03 series LED light bulbs:

  1. Energy: saving 60% -80% than energy-saving lamps, saving 80-90% than traditional halogen lamps.
  2. Brightness: 2.5 times the energy-saving lamps, is 7 times that of traditional halogen lamp
  3. Environmental protection: no UV light, red light and other radiation, mercury pollution, recyclable waste
  4. Long life: more than 30,000 hours, is the traditional lamp life 5-8 times,
  5. Low maintenance cost: No need for frequent replacement of lamps and does not require long-term maintenance.

LED Light Bulbs LED Bulbs

Light housing made of high density environmentally friendly lathe aluminum.

LED Light Bulbs LED Bulbs

Polished, Anodized anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance.

LED Light Bulbs LED Bulbs

High-quality PMMA lampshade, high transmittance, and Prevent dizziness and light spot.

LED Light Bulbs LED Bulbs

Using high-quality aluminum radiator, cooling area wide speed and longer life.

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