Super Lightning visit Australia

Have you see the film of “The Day After Tomorrow”?

Australia weather 1

Movie “The Day After Tomorrow” the United States is portrayed as the representative of the Earth, one day suddenly drops off sharply into the ice age of science fiction, global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, triggering an unprecedented global catastrophe. However, you know? “Acquired” such extreme weather has appeared in real life.

Australia weather 2

Last Sunday night, the eastern city of Brisbane, Australia suffered extreme stormy weather.

According to the report: the evening of November 29 rainstorm attacked Brisbane, raging thunder mingled with huge lightning lit the night Brisbane city center, electro-optical sky, such as the sci-fi movie “The Day After Tomorrow” scene, shocking scenes.

Australia weather 3

During the storm, the southeast Queensland Brisbane region recorded a total of about 107000 times lightning. A man was struck dead by lightning, and another man was injured by fallen wires death. Some people joke that this could be Thor befell!

Australia weather 4

Ipswich disaster 40 km west of Brisbane, Australia, at the most serious. Some streets of the city center is the water flooded some of the trees were blown down by wind, holding up the traffic.

Australia weather 5

Thunder mixed with huge lightning lit the night Brisbane city center.

Australia weather 6

In Australia, the world’s extreme weather is not just a place in Brisbane earlier this month before, Sydney and Melbourne have a similar stormy weather.


Global extreme weather

Australia weather 7

November 25, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released 2015 global climate situation Interim Statement in Geneva, and analyzed from 2011 to 2015 Climatic conditions. The statement pointed out, 2015 may be the warmest year since records began there, and from 2011 to 2015 will also be the warmest year in history.

Australia weather 8


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